Researching access control companies

Researching access control companies can be difficult. The ease of which information is available, through trade magazines and, in particular, the internet, can be baffling, confusing and contradictory. It is easy to find long lists of names, websites and addresses, but how do you know these companies are reputable or how competitive their prices are?

companies What to look for when choosing an access control company

As when choosing any contractor or service, there are certain qualities and features that should be looked for. This is especially true when the business involves security of your business and home, which cannot be compromised;

  • Ensuring that the right product is installed for your needs is of paramount importance. You will want a company who can offer you a high quality and good range of products and designs. Access control companies that will design bespoke solutions for your premises will ensure that the product you receive is fit for purpose.
  • Excellent customer service and a company that can be contacted easily and at all times.
  • A company that offers service, maintenance and installation will offer greater support and will be easier to work with if a problem arises.
  • If you are looking to install a very specialist product, such as biometric readers, you should limit your search to access control companies who specialise in that type of work. They will be more skilled and experienced in the field and will have specialist references, stock and examples of previous work.
  • Research the company’s primary coverage area. If they are only local to one part of the country and you do not fall in that area, it will be more expensive and problematic to do business. Your main choice here will be between a local company or a national, even global access control company.
  • Competitive pricing and the flexibility to offer discounts for bulk purchasing or returning clients.
  • Flexibility with access solutions and service packages.
  • Working with a company who can offer a commitment to innovation of products, technology and services will hopefully offer the potential for a long standing working partnership.
  • Ensure that all work carried out by the access control company is fully guaranteed and insured.
  • That the company meets all industry standards and is a member of professional trade associations. These will ensure strict quality standards can be guaranteed. The British Security Industry Association is one such body.

securityReceiving quotes from access control companies

Before hiring the services of any access control company, it is advisable to obtain free and no obligation quotes as well as obtain literature, brochures and research feedback from other clients. A reputable company will be only two happy to assist with these requests. It is also applicable to request references for work previously carried out and ask to see proof of all safety certificates and other claims, such as membership of professional industry associations.

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