How access control installation can save your business money

It is never too late to install an access control system into your business and start seeing the savings that this can make.

Different types of access control systems

There are many different forms of access control installations. Some of the most popular include;

  • Intercom systems
  • Video access control
  • Pincode activated locks
  • Security swipe card and key fob systems
  • Wireless access control
  • IP solutions with remote internet access
  • Electronic locking systems
  • Voice activated access control
  • Biometric solutions, such as finger recognition
  • One way buzzer systems

access controlSaving your business money by combating employee theft

Access control installation is the perfect way to address money lost due to internal workplace theft. This can take on many forms, such as stealing of stationery and other small goods, copying sensitive information, personal use of company services and time, damaging property or goods and fraudulent transactions. A flexible access control system can be used to ensure only authorised staff can gain access to stockrooms, supply areas or rooms where restricted information can be kept. Employee movement around the premises can, therefore, be carefully monitored and any suspicious behaviour can be detected. The presence of an access control system not only acts as a deterrent to internal theft or illegal practices which hit profits, but safeguards and reassures honest employees.

Reducing staffing costs

One of the biggest expenses to any business is the cost of paying staff wages. This is especially true when employing shift workers or staff who may need to carry out potentially dangerous work, such as security guards. Access control installation provides assistance and greater safety to security workers, as well as reducing the need for large numbers of staff to control access points. In buildings where there are little security risks, the installation of an access control system can reduce the need for any staff to be present outside regular working hours, such as reception staff in a University library. In addition, by reducing the need to be constantly vigilant of a doorway, employees can undertake other tasks which may take them away from the entrance being controlled by access security.

access controlAccess control installation can reduce your businesses insurance

Having an excellent and state of the art security system is the best way to reduce your insurance premiums. To achieve this, ensure that all safety and security legislation is met and that the control system is well serviced, maintained and operated in accordance with the instructions. Most businesses find that access control installation does reduce insurance, as well as any claims that need to be made and can quickly make up the costs of putting the system in.

Access control installation can reduce operating costs

Whilst access control installation may only save very small amounts of money each day by automating security systems, these savings will add up over time. Kiosks can replace security guards, safety systems can be integrated into one overriding access system, large business can buy products in bulk at cheaper rates and multiple entry points can be monitored at once.

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