Why Access Control Systems are the best way to protect your business

When running a business, security is always a major concern regardless of the size that is why it is important that both big and small businesses use Access Control systems to protect their assets. Access Control systems are there to ease the minds of business owners and make sure their businesses are protected from intrusions.

What is an access control system?

Access control systems allow authorized employees to get in and out of various parts of your business premises while keeping other people out.  It gives you control of your business and also helps keep track of which areas have been accessed and by who. The use of access control systems has become the norm for businesses these days; it can be used by any business regardless of industry and sometimes it is a requirement for businesses that work with highly sensitive information.

security-card-access-systemsTypes of Access Control Systems

Access control as a form of security measure gets introduced on a daily basis in a lot of businesses; it can range from simple electronic keypads that secure a single door to large networked systems for multiple buildings. There are several components to a security access control system which involve finding a way for authorised personnel to identify themselves in order to gain access.  This can usually be done through:

  • Card readers
  • Biometric readers
  • Keypads
  • Smart cards

Types of Access Control Doors

For most companies, Access control is used to secure important, confidential, or sensitive information and equipment. Such assets are usually protected by access control doors where authorised personnel needs keypads, card readers or biometric cards amongst others to gain access.

  • Keypads are inexpensive and commonly used for single security access control doors. They’re usually accompanied by entry codes in order to gain access into an office building.
  • Another means of gaining entry through access control doors is via card readers; this option is very popular with commercial businesses as they are easy to use and missing cards can be easily deactivated and new ones issued.
  • Smartcards can also be used to get through access control doors but they can also carry larger amounts of information on the card itself.
  • Access control doors in places where extremely sensitive information are handled may require biometric readers which rely on physical characteristics such as fingerprints, handprints or retinal scans of the users for identification. They are by far the most secure methods of access control and considerably more expensive.

Access Control Systems are the best way to protect your business because:

  • They can be used to restrict the movement of people to authorised areas only.
  • They help prevent losses that may occur in case of theft.
  • They provide a sense of security for employees, clients and guests.
  • Having access control systems can reduce your insurance premiums saving your business money as they reduce the likelihood of theft.
  • Access control systems mean your business premises have a 24 hour surveillance which can be easily linked with a backup team that can reach the location within minutes in case of emergency.
  • One of the best ways Access Control Systems protect your business is that it makes it easy to identify a culprit.

The only way a business can protect its assets is to buy access control, there are specialists with expert knowledge who will help you choose the right solution for your business. After purchase, access control systems need constant management such as adding and deleting users, changing access permissions and running reports. Access control management takes time; smaller businesses tend to do it in house while big commercial businesses tend to have their access control management taken care of by access control solution experts offsite.

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