Audio door entry systems

Access control systems are an essential part of security and communication in both business and residential premises. Audio door entry systems provide a cost effective and easy to use and install option.

audio door entry systemsWhat is an audio door entry system?

Standard audio door entry systems are made up of a telephone handset, a control unit with a power supply, a door panel and a lock release. A doorbell unit is fixed to the external area of the door and this either operates a simple buzzer or bell or has an inbuilt microphone to allow the caller to speak. This is connected to the internal control unit, either a telephone or simple button panel which can be operated to release the door lock and allow entry.

As audio door entry systems do not require cameras or large equipment, they can easily be fitted next to doors and gates with very limited space available. The handset and lock release system will also be extremely discreet in design.

Where can audio door entry systems be used?

The applications for audio door entry systems are wide reaching and are appropriate for use in a number of different properties, such as;

  • Schools, universities and colleges. An audio door entry system provides an excellent balance between security and ease of use for high levels of footfall for school receptions or management areas.
  • Residential flats and apartment blocks.
  • Offices and business premises.
  • Retail properties.
  • Galleries, showrooms and other businesses which showcase expensive merchandise and need extra security to monitor customers entering the building.


Types of audio door entry system

Choosing the right kind of audio door entry system will depend on many factors, such as security levels, the type of property, number of employees and cost. The most common systems available are;

  • Wireless audio door entry systems. These are designed to be installed in premises where running cables is not an option. It can also be the best system for a residential entry system where the controller is not completely mobile and would find it hard to get to a fixed control panel in time, finding a mobile system much easier to use. These work through reliable radio channels and automatically synchronise with secure and available channels to ensure optimum communication even in severe environmental conditions.
  • Intercom system. This allows communication between handsets and external door panels to add an extra layer of security to the system. Communication can be set to one or two way.
  • Multiple and combined audio door entry systems. These can be used for domestic or commercial premises where a number of entry points can be monitored by one control panel.
  • An audio system with an inbuilt camera. This allows the operator to see an image of who is pressing the door buzzer. This can be installed very discreetly into the buzzer panel.
  • A wall mounted exit switch to allow easy departure from the premises.


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