How card entry systems can help with staff management

Good staff management strategies are a necessity to making sure your business is successful. Although every work place has its own dynamics and work ethics, all are reliant on positive management, good examples being set, team building, recognition of achievement, pride in the organisation, opportunities for growth and development and fair procedures. One tool for helping to achieve these goals is to install card entry systems across your business. The effects of these can have an extremely positive effect on employees and the workplace.

card-entry-systemsWhat is a card entry system?

A card entry system is any access control procedure which enables entry only through the presentation of a valid access card. These cards may take on the form of a proximity card, swipe card, key fob or smart card. The cards are enabled for use by the system administrator via an electronic reader and distributed to employees or clients as appropriate. Different cards can be programmed to grant access to different areas on site, for example students will be given different access rights to teachers, and these can be amended, updated or terminated as necessary.

The obvious downside to card entry systems is that the issued cards can be lost, stolen or swapped amongst employees. However, staff can also be electronically monitored and cards can quickly be cancelled should a theft be reported.

Ways in which staff management can be improved through the use of card entry systems

There a many ways in which the introduction of card entry systems can improve staff management. This in turn can boost morale, security, job satisfaction, reduce staff turnover, and, ultimately, boost profits.

  • Time and attendance monitoring. Card entry systems are the best way to monitor times employees begin and finish work. Time keeping disputes are a major problem for HR managers, but managing this information electronically will mean all attendance is accurately recorded. This will, in turn, help to reduce lateness, long breaks and other forms of absenteeism which can be so crucial to a company’s productivity.
  • Managing security in the workplace. One area where staff management is crucial is in the security of employees and belongings. By regulating who has access to a building or specific room with card entry systems, you can prevent unwelcome callers, opportunist theft as well as discourage internal theft.
  • Staff induction. When new staff are employed, part of the induction process will be to issue a security card. Not only will this make employees feel valued and trusted, but can act as an identity card or photo ID.
  • Monitoring employee movement across your premises and using this data to improve productivity and time management.

security entry staffIntroducing access control to employees

When making any large changes to procedure in a business, it is important to introduce these carefully, professionally and sensitively. This is especially true where employee security and access rights are concerned. Ensuring that good information is easily available, that demonstrations are given and that all questions can be readily answered will help to ensure a smooth installation for your card entry system.

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