How door access systems improve customer service

door acces systemsWell managed door access systems do far more than just provide access to visitors, employees or customers for your business. They can add value to your premises, provide a way to monitor staff, improve communication and most importantly improve customer service.

There are a large number of door access systems which can be installed and choosing the right system for your business is crucial. The most common types are audio access systems, intercom systems, video entry cameras, wireless controlled systems, fob and card operated systems and biometric recognition control.

Improving security to benefit the customer

All business premises are vulnerable to theft, unwanted walk ins, cold callers, vandalism and other attacks. You do not want to limit access or make entry difficult for employees, customers, deliveries or genuine enquiries, but you need to ensure the safety of staff and clients. Installing a range of door access systems will address this problem. By improving security you are automatically improving your customer service;

  • Customer belongings can be monitored and kept in a secure environment.
  • The customer will feel secure on site, knowing that only other customers and employees can gain access.
  • Customers who require discretion can be easily catered for.
  • Easy to use systems that all customers can understand and operate.
  • Customers can be made to feel valued by issuing them with swipe cards or key fobs.

Utilising data to improve customer service

By installing door access systems which let you extract data, you can monitor movement through the premises. This can be used as a deterrent against staff lateness or extended breaks, ensuring employees are at work and available for customers. The data can also be used to indicate popularity of certain rooms or equipment or to monitor the most popular times for customer visits. The data can then be fed back to management who can implement ways to maximise customer services.

Acces Control Number PadUsing door access systems to improve coordination of facilities management

Specialist concierge door access systems can electronically operate doors, cameras, gates and car parks across a site or sites, providing an automated system for the smooth running of the premises. These are especially effective in large commercial developments and are customer focussed to provide state of the art, easy to use access and communication.

Demonstrating a commitment to technology

By using an advanced and stylish door access system, you are presenting your business as a company that is committed to utilising technology and demonstrating a forward thinking approach. Customers can see and use this technology and will be impressed by the professionalism, design and ethos such equipment promotes.

Savings that can be passed on to the customer

By installing door access systems on your business premises, you will drastically reduce your insurance costs as well as increase value to your property. These savings can be passed on to the customer through reducing prices, creating special deals or reward systems or improving the facilities which customers use.

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