Does my business really need a door entry alert?

There are many types of door entry alert security systems available, with a range of domestic, retail and commercial applications. Installing the right system can be a major benefit to the secure functioning of your business.

video intercomDoor entry alerts for shops and retail premises

Any business which is selling a product needs to protect their stock against theft, vandalism or accidents. For high street retailers, asking every customer to ring a bell to gain entry would be unworkable, therefore, they employ a number of other security features such as CCTV, radio systems, electronic stock tagging and human door security. However, in certain retail outlets, installing a door entry alert has many advantages.

  • Shop entry bell. Every time the door is opened, a bell is triggered, which lets the owner know a customer is on site. This means that the shop floor doesn’t have to be watched at all times and is particularly useful for small or specialist retailers. A door entry alert like this can be combined with a CCTV system to ensure maximum security, without creating a barrier for customers to enter.
  • A battery powered door entry bell. Often used in very high end retail outlets or galleries, the shop door is locked at all times or during ‘by appointment only’ days. Anyone wishing to gain entry must press the buzzer outside the door and, if granted access, a door release button can be triggered by staff. A new addition to this type of door entry alert is the ability to combine it with a wireless system, meaning the door can be controlled by a mobile device or even from offsite via an internet link.
  • Infrared door entry alert system. This can be installed across a shop doorway to indicate a customer’s presence when the beam is broken. An alert can either be sounded on the shop floor or more discreetly to employees at a till point or office. This type of system can also be used as a burglar alarm.

security cameraDoor entry alerts for offices

Offices may not have a high footfall of customers coming on site, however, they will still need to take deliveries, employ contractors and temporary staff, take walk in enquiries and meet with other business personnel. Therefore, a door entry alert is a cost effective way of improving security and offering a friendly, yet secure reception service. In this way, the door to the office does not need to be constantly watched, especially if employees use swipe cards or another form of access control system. However, when someone who is not automatically granted access to the office calls, it is quick and easy to let them in, whilst maintaining security and control.

Other commercial door entry alert systems

A door entry alert system is certainly not only for shops and offices. In fact, a wide variety of businesses install door security to great effect. For example, schools, nurseries and educational establishments. It is especially important for school to only grant access to authorised people through the reception. However, a lot of visitors will need to be granted access, so the door security needs to be easy to monitor and use and can be combined with a video door entry system.

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