Door entry camera

Installing a door entry camera on your business premises is an incredibly valuable addition and there are a vast range of systems on offer to suit your specific needs.

door entry cameraWhat to look for when choosing a door entry camera

The camera you choose for your business must be fit for purpose and installed by a professional, trustworthy company. The main considerations are;

  • Will your camera need to be installed internally or externally? External cameras, such as those on a gate, need to be weatherproofed.
  • Door entry cameras can be subject to vandalism, therefore, protection will be needed depending on how vulnerable the system will be.
  • How many cameras are required?
  • Will your camera need to record images?
  • If your camera needs to work at night or in low light levels, a night time vision lens will be required.
  • How will your door entry camera be operated and how many people will manage it? Cameras can be linked to reception computers, specific door monitoring equipment across the premises, remote access from mobile devices or over the internet.
  • Ensure that your system complies with the Data Protection Act (DPA) and current legislation to avoid a large fine.
  • Choose a system which comes with a comprehensive maintenance service and specialist installation.

cameraFeatures of visual door entry camera system

A door entry camera system allows the user visual confirmation of visitors as well as remote door access into the property. This offers security and peace of mind. Essentially, all systems comprise of a camera focused on the door which is linked to an internal screen, a doorbell, a power supply and a mechanism to open the door. However, there are a number of different features which can be chosen to design a custom made system. These include;

  • Touch screen monitors.
  • Loud speakers with a range of ringtones.
  • Two way speakers, allowing communication both ways through the system.
  • Numbers of cameras trained to different doors.
  • SD memory cards to record images. These can be taken manually at any time or set to record automatically when the doorbell is activated.
  • Choice between loudspeaker or audio handset.
  • Whether your door entry camera needs to be fixed or moveable.
  • How visible you wish your camera to be.
  • Remote control access.
  • Different power supplies and back up battery power to ensure safety isn’t compromised during power cuts or fire alarms.

Choosing the right features to build your door entry camera system will be specific to the needs of the premises. Factors such as size, number of doors to be monitored, number of people using the system, level of security needed and how many people are operating the cameras are all crucial factors to consider.

Additional extras to a door entry camera system

A door entry camera is just one element of a complete security system. The camera can be combined with other security systems, such as floodlighting, alarms, police links, recording devices and other CCTV schemes.

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