Door entry phones

door entry phonesResidential and commercial application of door entry phones

The use of door entry phones is popular in both residential properties, especially blocks of flats, retirement homes or high end apartment complexes as well as commercial properties, offices, schools, hospitals, galleries, laboratories and military properties. They provide an extremely user friendly and secure way of regulating who can enter a building or site, offering peace of mind and control to the resident, owner or employee.

A door entry phone system can be integrated into other security systems, such as CCTV, alarms, swipe card or biometric access control, intercoms and data management systems.

Installing door entry security

Installing door entry phones on your premises is a very quick and easy process. The actual components of the system are small, discreet and can be purchased in a wide range of stylish, traditional or contemporary styles to suit your home or office. Essentially, you need an external buzzer, intercom or camera system which is linked to an internal operating system, such as a telephone handset, wall mounted intercom/screen or remote wireless device. Door entry phones can be installed as part of the security plans for a new development or added to existing properties, with very little cabling or drilling required.

What features to look for in a door entry phone?

There are a surprising number of door entry phones that can be purchased as part of an access control system. Certain features will make the systems easier to use and ensure its effectiveness;

  • Design. This needs to be either stylish or discreet or both and shouldn’t look out of place in the office.
  • The sound quality is excellent on the receiver, so that the person wishing to gain access can be clearly heard. This will minimise any confusion. An ambient sound minimiser will assist with this.
  • If the door entry phone has a visual capacity, the screen should be large enough to view clear images, even at night or in low lighting conditions, with a colour screen.
  • Exit door release buttons will allow a quick, safe and easy way out of the building.
  • A privacy button on the handset can limit how much the person trying to gain entry can hear.
  • Easy to clean and durable. The external components of the system will need to withstand rain, direct sunlight and extreme weather conditions.
  • Easy to use, clearly laid out buttons to avoid making any mistakes or confusing customers trying to gain entry.
  • A reliable power supply with a battery backup in case of power outages.
  • Door entry phones can be answered with a wireless mobile handset, a telephone handset or with a speakerphone.
  • Vandal and tamper proof design.

Always ensure that the company you use to install your door entry phones offers service, maintenance, excellent customer service and emergency response should there be a problem with your system. This will ensure your phone is constantly working and reduce any compromise to security.

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