Door entry systems for flats

access controlDoor security systems are becoming increasingly popular, especially in blocks of flats and new apartment developments. In particular, door entry systems for flats offer security and peace of mind for elderly, disabled or vulnerable inhabitants. Potential visitors need to ring a doorbell to an individual flat and the inhabitant can decide whether that visitor should be granted access or not.

Types of door entry systems for flats

Choosing the right door entry systems for flats is important and factors such as cost and levels of security need to be taken into consideration. Different systems available are:

  • Video door entry systems. These are becoming increasingly popular in new and high end housing developments. They are easy to use and offer maximum security. Picture quality is of a high standard and works at night and in low light.
  • Mobile phone or computer operated internet entry system. These can be remotely controlled from any device with a wireless internet connection. These are particularly useful for holiday flats, second homes or for properties where owners are away for long periods of time. These are more expensive systems, but offer the greatest levels of flexibility.
  • Voice entry systems. These are the cheapest and most common door entry systems for flats. The main disadvantage with these systems is that the visitor cannot be seen through the intercom.
  • One way audio door entry kit. This is the most simple door entry system, comprising of just a buzzer and a controllable door release system. This does not allow the owner of the property to see or hear who is at the door, so is not suitable for every development.

door entry systemsBenefits of installing a door entry system in residential flats

The obvious advantage of a working door entry system is security. Blocks of flats and apartments can be extremely vulnerable to theft and vandalism, as well as cold callers or rogue contractors. As a number of different people live in the same building it can be hard to monitor who enters the premises. The front door or gate to a development will be the most secure area and usually individual front doors to flats are less secure. However, as a resident, your home should still feel like a home and so getting the balance between security, ease of use and having an unobtrusive system is crucial.

By installing door entry systems for flats you can regulate who enters the communal front door or gate as well as having control over your own private front door. In addition it is an excellent way of minimising any incidents of anti-social behaviour.

Extra features available with door entry systems

As well as providing security and monitoring movement into the premises, door entry systems for flats can offer a range of extra features which are designed to give residents greater control and flexibility.

  • Trade buttons. Some systems incorporate a trade button which will allow access to certain communal areas at specific times of the day. This will usually be in the morning to allow people delivering post or milk to do so with minimum disruption.
  • Privacy settings. A privacy button on the handset in the flat can be used to prevent anyone calling. This can be very useful for residents who work anti social shifts and so need to sleep in the day, for illness or to minimise disruption for residents who work at home.

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