Advantages of video and audio door entry systems

When choosing door entry systems for your business there are a wide range of options available and you will want to choose the correct one in order to ensure the protection of your staff, your premises and your customers. Security is one of the most important aspects of any business – it is imperative for any business, whether big or small, to make sure that they have the correct security measures in place. As well as having security guards you are likely to want some sort of access control which will usually come in the form of door entry systems. There are quite a few options available on the market when it comes to choosing door entry systems for your business and in this article we are going to take you through the advantages of video and audio door security systems.


Video and audio door entry systems

This form of access control provides secure and controlled admission to anyone visiting your company. Depending on the level of security required you will need to choose which form of access control would suit your company better. If you have a smaller budget and you do not think that it is necessary to see each person before they enter your company then you may just want to opt for audio door entry systems.


Audio access control

With audio door entry systems you will usually be set up with a buzzer, speaker phone and intercom system. This will allow any visitors to buzz the security guard that is on watch and speak to them via the intercom – they will usually announce their name and why they are there which will then allow the guard to check a list of expected visitors. I the person’s name is on the list the guard will usually have a button that will grant the visitor access. If the visitor is not expected and the guard cannot find any reason to let them in then it is possible to not grant them access and discuss the reasons via the intercom. This way the visitor is not granted any access to your company without your permission.


Video door entry systems

Video door entry systems are a very secure form of access control usually used by larger companies with a higher turnover. Much like the audio door entry systems this allows the security guards to speak with the visitors before granting them access but as well as audio communication the guard will be able to see the visitor via CCTV camera that will have been set up via the site access control. This then allows the guard to ask to see identification before they allow entry and works especially well for companies that often receive deliveries from various vendors.

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