How door locking systems can save your business money

control systemsKeeping your business premises and equipment is of paramount importance. Breaches in security can cost businesses a large amount of money, as well as time, inconvenience and damage a good reputation. Any strain on resources or compromise in safety or customer service will cost your business money. Therefore, installing a well designed and appropriate door locking system can be extremely cost effective and help to save your business money.

Types of door locking systems

No matter what the type of door or gate, there is a door locking system that will provide a cost effective and secure solution.

  • Electric door locking systems.
  • Magnetic and electromagnetic door locks.
  • Keypad activated door locking systems.
  • Digital locks.
  • Wireless systems with remote online access.
  • Fire door retainers.
  • Fingerprint door locks and other forms of biometric systems, such as retina or voice activated.
  • Mortise deadlocks.
  • Proximity and swipe card activated locks.
  • Camera controlled and other visual door locking systems.
  • Other forms of mechanical locks, strikes and bolts.
  • ‘Press to exit’ buttons.
  • Emergency break and call locks.

Safe Deposit VaultReducing employee theft

Unfortunately, employee theft and illegal activity is common and this can cost your business a lot of money. Employee theft can take on many forms, the most common being the taking of stock from retail premises, stationery theft or high price equipment theft. Installing door locking systems will ensure only certain employees can access areas where stock or other electrical equipment is stored. The added security measures will also act as a major deterrent to opportunist crime.

In addition, simple key locks are vulnerable to manipulation. Employees could cut keys or keep hold of keys once they have left the company. There are many types of door locking systems which are operated by passwords, key cards which cannot be duplicated and are easy to deactivate, biometric or visual means. These are much safer and easy to monitor.

Saving money on insurance

Getting a good premium on business insurance can be difficult, especially in certain areas. Installing good quality door locking systems is a good way to reduce these costs. When you apply for insurance, you will be asked to specify the types of locks in use. A discount is usually offered for a locking device which offers a higher than average level of security

Reducing staff costs

Installing an automated door locking system will free up members of staff who would otherwise be required to monitor the front gate or reception. Having a machine check you into a business is certainly no substitute for a friendly human welcome, but can be beneficial for out of hours access, minimising security staff or night watchman, or allowing receptionist to carry out other duties in addition to welcoming customers.

In order to ensure that the door locking systems continue to save your business money, you need to maintain servicing and fix any problems with the locks straightaway. It is also important that you use reputable locksmiths, who are insured and certified.

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