How door security devices can protect your business

Installing a high quality door security device is guaranteed to protect your business, your premises, stock, employees and profits.

Different types of door security devices

There are an impressive range of door security devices to choose from. The most common forms are;

  • Swipe or proximity card operated locks and strikes
  • An intercom
  • A door buzzer linked to an external camera or microphone
  • A biometric reader, such as a fingerprint scanner.
  • A pincode or password sensitive keypad
  • A wireless, mobile system, which can be used from a number of places.
  • Door security devices which allow monitoring and operation remotely through the internet

Protecting your business against theft

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A door security device will stop individuals entering your business premises unless you have granted them access. This is obviously a major deterrent against opportunist theft as you are denying first line entry to anyone who isn’t authorised. As the majority of robberies are opportunist, this will offer excellent protection. No entry system can be completely foolproof, however, but if a form of burglary should occur, the information stored in your door security device will provide valuable evidence, whether it is images, vocal recordings or a list of who entered the area in question.

Regular servicing and maintenance on your business’s security systems and trained personnel to operate the devices will greatly increase the chances of door security devices being effective.

Protecting your business premises from vandalism

In exactly the same way as door security devices will protect your business from theft, access security control can help to eliminate vandalism on site. The vast majority of vandalism attacks happen where the chances of being caught are almost non existent. Installing access control means that all people on site, whether they are employees or visitors, will have been detected at some point. This will be enough to end attacks which may deface or damage property. It is important to ensure that the device installed is itself vandal proof and discreet.

securityDoor security devices and employee theft

Unfortunately internal theft can be a major factor on reducing businesses profit margins. Something as seemingly insignificant as minor stationery theft could have a large cumulative effect over time and the cost the company a lot of money to replenish stocks and supplies. In addition, retail premises will suffer from employee theft; largely form stock rooms and stock deliveries. The copying and distributing of confidential material also counts as employee theft. Protecting your business with door security devices demonstrates a serious attitude towards these crimes as well as acting as a deterrent. Data retrieved from access control devices can also be used to monitor any unusual behaviour or employees trying to gain access to restricted areas.

Protecting your staff

Your staff are valuable and you have a legal responsibility to ensure their safety whilst at work. Door security devices will offer them peace of mind, make them feel valued and keep their belongings safe.

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