5 reasons why you need to install an electronic door lock

electronic lockThere are many different types of automated door locking systems on the market, with the most popular being an electronic door lock and a magnetic door lock. Magnetic locks are more suited to high security areas. Because a magnetic lock needs to be activated by an access card in both directions, the movement of people through your premises can be accurately monitored. However, electronic door locks, sometimes also called electric strikes, are easier to install and only need to be in operation one way, with a simple release system on the other side of the door. They can be used on internal and external doors and easily replace a standard lock with minimal disruption.

There are 5 main reasons why installing an electronic door lock can be a real benefit to your home or business;

Security benefits of an electronic door lock

An electronic door lock system provides many obvious security features. The lock acts as a major deterrent against burglary and opportunist theft as well as regulate who enters and leaves a building. One of the most common uses for electronic door locks is in hotels, where they are used to secure guests rooms and make communal areas feel safer as only other guests and staff are permitted to move around the premises. Because of the huge safety advantages, an electronic door lock can greatly reduce insurance premiums as well as make staff feel safer 24 hours a day.

Electronic lock on doorStaff management

Electronic door locks allow management to control the flow of employees around the business premises. Employees can be issued with an electronic card which is programmed to give them access rights to appropriate areas on site, for example stock rooms in retail premises. This ensures that only the right staff have access to sensitive information, expensive equipment, money or stationery. This acts as a deterrent to internal theft as well as monitor employee timekeeping by linking the electronic door lock to a clock in system. Installation of a locking system can also reduce the need to employ security guards or reception staff.

Remote access offers maximum control

Recent advances in technology have now made it possible to operate an electronic door lock remotely, via a mobile phone or computer. This works using wireless technology and a pass code system. Owners can pre programme any number of combinations to lock and unlock the door.

Improving customer service

By installing an electronic door lock to your business premises you are demonstrating to customers that their security is of paramount importance. In hospitality premises such as gyms, hotels and sports centres a door locking system will protect clients as well as their belongings and allow quick easy access.

Commercial and residential applications

An electronic door lock can be easily installed. The electronic strike which locks the door can easily replace the bolt on a regular door and so it is a cost effective security measure. This makes the system versatile, cost effective and easy to install in existing houses, apartments, shops or offices.

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