Gate access control

Installing a gate access control system can be an expensive purchase, although one which is essential to security. Choosing the right kind is important.

Different types of gate access control solutions

gate access control

There are a number of specialist gate access control systems available on the market;

  • Audio intercoms are the most common form of gate access control. A driver or pedestrian presses a buzzer and speaks to the operator to be granted access.
  • Video intercoms work in the same way as audio intercoms but also feature a camera to monitor who is at the gate.
  • Proximity readers. These are cheaper and easier to install and operate than remotely controlled and monitored systems of gate entry. They are ideal for commercial use where a number of users need to gain entry to areas such as car parks. Barriers will either automatically open if a car approaches or can be activated by a chip placed in the car front windshield.
  • Coin operated gate access control. These are for gates which require a toll to be paid before entry can be allowed, such as bridges, toll roads or car parks. Instead of having an operator take the money and manually open the gate, correct money can be placed into a slot machine or a bucket reader which calculates the correct coin weight. Once the toll has been paid, the gate will open. The disadvantage with this system can be the difficulty to issue change and the need for the correct coins to be used.
  • Keypad entry systems require the user to key in a specific code to gain entry through the gate or barrier.
  • Remote control gate access. Electric gates can be customised to individual requirements and users given a key fob device which is usually kept in a car. When the button on the portable transmitter is pressed, the gate will automatically open. This is most commonly used for commercial and residential garage doors and car parks.
  • GSM mobile gate access control. A mobile gate opener can be used from any mobile device with internet capabilities. This means that electronic gates can be opened from anywhere in the world, for example to let contractors or guests into a property. This gives the property owner maximum control over their security. The system is controlled via SMS messaging, for example the process of adding or deleting contacts who can be granted access.

What to consider when looking to install a gate access control system

When looking to install or upgrade your gate access control, there are a number of important factors to consider and questions to ask. Gate access is different from regular door access as it is usually used outside and by large numbers of people each day. Therefore, choosing a system which needs minimum maintenance and which has a long life expectancy is crucial. It is also important to remember the possible limitations which will be in place if the gate is to be operated underground, including problems with wireless or radio blocking and health and safety of operating a gate in a small area with limited space for escape routes.

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