What are the best gym entry systems?

Hospitality and leisure premises, such as gyms, have specialist needs which need to be carefully considered. Gym entry systems need to offer very specific access rights to customers and trainers, ensure safety and security, whilst maintaining excellent customer service and a welcoming atmosphere.

access controlWhy gym entry systems are needed

There are two main reasons as to why gyms need specialist entry systems. Firstly, gym membership is very expensive and there is a lot of competition to retain customers. People using the gym need to be made to feel valued, secure and know that they are receiving excellent customer service. Therefore, having a reliable and easy to use gym entry system is essential.

Secondly, as so much specialist and potentially dangerous equipment is on site, gym entry systems are needed to ensure only the right clients have access to equipment. A good entry system will also block members who have not paid membership fees or whose membership has expired.

Features required from a gym entry system

The following specialist features will be essential when considering which gym entry system to install.

  • Hassle free entry to the premises is given to all gym members during opening hours.
  • The system must be reliable and be able to be in operation when few members of staff are on site. This is particularly important for gyms which have long opening hours.
  • Gym members can access all of the equipment that they are trained to use as well as gain access to specialist facilities which they have paid for, such as spa rooms or yoga classes.
  • The reception area needs to be easily accessible to non members who may be potential customers and for deliveries and tradesmen.
  • Security needs to be of paramount importance.
  • The gym entry system will be used by a large number of people, so needs to be resilient.
  • Staff of a gym tend to work in shift patterns, the gym entry system needs to work in conjunction with this.
  • Information can be easily extracted to identify customer trends and other potentially important information which can be used to improve facilities and customer service.

security-card-access-systemsTypes of gym entry systems

Obviously, the gym entry system you choose will depend on the size of the premises, clientele, the facilities offered, level of security required, staff working patterns and how much control you wish to have. Appropriate entry systems include turnstile and barrier systems, key or card systems, biometric scanning and keypad access control. The most common system in use is to provide members with a card or key fob which they must bring when wishing to use the gym. The advantage of this is that each card can be individually coded to allow access to areas and equipment which have been paid for. The disadvantage of this gym entry system is that cards can be passed on to non-members and that it is easy for the customer to forget their card.

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