What can key fob door entry systems do for your business and its security?

When people think of security for their business the first thing that tends to come to mind is hiring security guards. Having a human form of security has to be the best and most reliable kind of security – a closed circuit television camera cannot detect suspicious behaviour and access control systems cannot determine whether or not a visitor is acting a bit dodgy, but of a security guard can, making them invaluable when it comes to keeping any business secure. However, security guards cannot do everything by themselves – keeping certain doors or rooms in your company secure is not worth the time for a security guard, and in this instance it is often better so deploy some form of access control like key fob door entry systems. Strategically placed door security systems like the aforementioned key fob door entry systems can ensure that certain parts of your business (including the main entrance if this is necessary) stay completely secure without having the need to pay a security guard to monitor each of these points of access. Below we discuss exactly what access control systems such as key fob door entry systems can do for your business and its security.


Why invest in key fob door entry systems?

  • Cost effectiveness – key fob door entry systems and other forms of door security systems like swipe card access systems do not cost over the odds to install and once they have been fully installed they do not have to then be monitored by a security guard, this will keep costs down which should be a big advantage for smaller businesses.
  • Complete control – installing key fob door entry systems allows you to take complete control of who has access to which parts of your business. Inevitably you will want to give each of your employees a key fob that will allow them access to the building but certain other areas of the building you may only want certain employees to enter. To make this a possibility, when the key fob door entry systems are installed you can have them synced with a centralised computer system, this will then give you access to a program that will allow you to manage everything. You will be able to dictate which specific employees can have access to which door and you can even set up what times/days you want access to be granted, for example you may not want your employees to have access to the building on weekends.

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