The benefits of keyless door entry technology

A keyless door entry system is a generic term for any devices used to unlock doors or gates without the use of the traditional physical key and lock mechanism. The majority of commercial buildings and an increasing number of residential developments are now utilising keyless technology to improve security and create easy to use access control.

Types of keyless door entry devices

Instead of using a key to actually turn a bolt or strike in a door, keyless door entry technology lets you operate a door, gate or barrier by one of the following means;

  • A swipe card placed through a reader.
  • A proximity card, which works within range of the door mounted sensor.
  • An electric key fob.
  • An electronic sensor placed on the front windshield of a car.
  • A pincode or password system, where the digits are typed into a wall mounted number pad.
  • Biometric recognition can read fingerprints, face, voice or eyes, so no equipment needs to be carried around or password information memorised. These offer the maximum level of security as they are passed solely on an individual’s identity, not on what they know or what they carry.
  • A digital tag programmed with access rights.
  • Using a mobile phone and internet connection to open doors. This represents a very new and technologically advanced form of keyless door entry. Applications for this type of system are growing all of the time and prices to purchase or upgrade to these systems are falling rapidly.
  • A buzzer system which allows an operator to verify access through viewing the individual on camera or through a two way microphone system.
  • Simple door chimes and buzzers.
  • Remote controlled access keyless door entry. Using a secure internet address, images and control over door access can be used anywhere where there is an internet connection. This is especially useful for second homes or holiday home developments.

unlockingAdvantages of keyless door technology

There are many benefits associated with installing a keyless door entry system. As advancements in technology improve the sophistication of access control, these benefits will continue to increase. At the same time, the costs of purchase and installation are falling, making keyless door entry an ever more affordable and cost effective way to protect your business or home.

Keyless door technology offers exceptional levels of control and security. In a business, employees can be issued with a swipe card or fob, with pre programmed access rights. This ensures only eligible staff can go into certain rooms or areas, protecting stock and privacy. This also allows management to regulate and monitor employee movement. Not only will this act as a deterrent to internal theft or illegal practices it can be used as a timekeeping and attendance monitor and clock in system.

All keyless door entry technology still needs to be monitored and operated correctly. Whilst the systems offer excellent security, management and control, they need to be maintained accurately and used efficiently to ensure they are continually fit for purpose.

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