How to reduce employee theft with security door systems

Company InformationEmployee theft is all too common. It can cause a loss to profits and create mistrust and suspicion inside the company. As an employer, you have an obligation to safeguard your staff, your equipment and your services. One of the most cost effective ways of doing this is to install security door systems on your premises.

Different types of employee theft

Some of the most common types of reported employee theft are;

  • Removal of sales stock from the warehouse, stockroom or shop floor.
  • Theft of stationery and other supplies.
  • Theft of actual money, such as stealing from a till or petty cash tin.
  • Theft from other employee’s belongings.
  • Overcharging customers and to pocket extra money.
  • Card cloning.
  • The copying and sharing of files which may be restricted or confidential.
  • Time theft. This includes not working set hours or using company time to undertake personal projects.

From these examples, it is clear that the majority of thefts are opportunistic and rely on a lack of surveillance and good knowledge of the premises. Therefore, the most effective way of targeting employee theft is to remove the opportunity and the temptation. Installing any number of different security door systems will provide a visible deterrent, show employees that the company takes theft seriously and greatly increases the risk of detection.

Choosing the right security door systems for your business

Once you have decided to install your security door systems, it is important to understand your needs so that you purchase the most appropriate package There are many different security door systems available, the most popular include security cameras, biometric recognition (palm, iris or finger activated) intercoms and IP entry systems, password keypads, night vision cameras, alarms or issuing key cards.

security door systemsWays in which employee theft can be reduced by security door systems

Research has shown that the installation of security door systems helps to significantly reduce employee theft predominantly in the following ways;

  • Security door systems restrict certain employees from different areas of the premises. They are still granted access to the areas they need for them to carry out their working duties, but are not permitted to visit any other area without manager consent.
  • Any sensitive material or expensive equipment can be kept in restricted areas and access to this monitored.
  • Management can use data on any member of staff trying to gain access to areas they shouldn’t. This highlights potential staffing problems and theft risks before they have happened.
  • Good security door systems will allow you to track the movement of all staff through your premises.
  • The systems can also monitor clocking in and out times, which promotes a good awareness of breaks taken and hours worked. Employees are, therefore, aware of the monitoring in place on them, which acts as a further deterrent.
  • Customer and employee belongings can be locked away in restricted areas.
  • Biometric recognition security door systems and cameras reduce the risk of staff swapping access cards or passing entry PIN numbers on to third parties.

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