Are Smart Cards the best way to control access?

card-entry-systemsControlling employee access in order to stop security breaches is one of the many concerns of businesses and entrepreneurs everywhere; this makes access control very important as it stops the theft of assets and breach of information.

For businesses that use regular support staff, the need for access control becomes even more important as a way of keeping track of what each individual is doing.

Smart card access has become one of the most effective ways for businesses to control both physical and logical access of their employees and to make sure only authorised personnel gets access.

Smart cards are easily used to authenticate the identity of the holder; it determines their access level and then grants them access.

The great thing about smart cards is that in addition to only letting authorised persons into a facility by using card swipe locks, it can also hold data about the holder.
A typical smart card has the picture and access level of the holder; it also stores the same information which is read by key card locks anytime they go through an access point by swiping the card.


Why are smart cards the best?

Most businesses use smart card access because:

  • It is less time consuming, the cards can store all access information of the holder so there is no need for multi cards and access codes.
  • It is a cost effective form of access control; once a business has established all the components needed such as smart cards, card locks, control panel, software and database, it can be reused for new employees.
  • Smart card access is also efficient because when the access level of an employee changes, the company just has to update the existing card with the new information which can be done in minutes saving time and money as there’s no need to buy a new card.
  • For security purposes, these smart cards can be updated instantly so a smart card can be deactivated as soon as a person is no longer employed by the company avoiding a possible security breach.
  • Smart cards help stop counterfeiting and can’t be tampered with as such activities are easily picked up by the software instilled on the card. This makes it one of the most secure means of access control.

Overall, smart card access control is one of the most secure, easy to use and cost effective ways for businesses to control access.
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