What to consider when buying video entry systems

Video entry systems are a great way of keeping your business secure. If you are running a company that has good reason not to let just anyone into your building then it is important that you have this type of access control system. Video entry systems can be set up alongside audio systems that will allow visitors to be both seen and heard before they are granted access to the building. This will usually have to be monitored from a centralised control room by a security guard, visitors will buzz into the control room where the security guard will be stationed, then using the video entry systems he will be able to view the person whilst speaking to them and if it is deemed necessary he could also ask them to present their identification to the camera before he grants them access. Whilst it might be one of the most expensive forms of access control it is definitely one of the most secure and it give you peace of mind knowing that you have cameras watching over your business.

There is a lot to consider when buying video entry systems – it is not just a simple matter of ordering the video door entry systems and having them installed. There are certain choices that you will need to make beforehand. Below we have listed a few of the questions that you should perhaps ask yourself before investing in video entry systems for your business.


What should you ask yourself when investing in video entry systems

  • How many cameras will you need? – it is important to know how many CCTV cameras that you will require before you try to get your quote, inevitably the more cameras you need the more the overall costs will go up, it is possible to get multiple cameras on one entrance so that the operator of the video entry systems can see a variety of angles.
  • Whether you will require audio as well as video – you may only want to be able to see the visitor without them having to talk to you.
  • How much money are you willing to spend?
  • Does your company really need to make the big investment that is video entry systems?
  • Do you have security guards sorted? You will need someone to operate the video entry systems and evidently a trained security guard is the best person to do this.
  • Can your budget stretch to a video door entry system and a security guard to monitor it?

Once you are certain that you would like to invest in video entry systems make sure that you pay a visit to the Companeo website where you can get free quotes and be put in touch with reliable vendors of video entry systems.

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