Wireless video door entry systems

Door entry security is one of the most important factors to consider in your home or business property. You need to maximise security, whilst retaining independence, ease of use and a friendly welcome. Recent reductions in price now mean that wireless video door entry systems offer a very feasible and cost effective solution. They can be easily used in the home or in retail premises, offices, campuses or other commercial properties.

wireless video doorBenefits of installing wireless video door entry systems for residential and commercial properties

  • Minimal disruption during installation as very little wiring or intrusive work is required. The installation time is also very short. This means that the system is easy to place in existing properties or for listed buildings.
  • A wireless handset means that you can control the front door or other access points from anywhere in the home, shop or office. This can allow receptionists to leave the front desk to carry out other tasks or allow staff to be with clients, whilst keeping the mobile control device with them.
  • Wireless handsets enable talk between different rooms or areas of the property.
  • Capacity to control the wireless video door entry system from any device with internet capabilities on or off site. This includes computers, mobile phones, tablet computers and interactive television systems. With a residential property, contractors or guests can be monitored and granted access whilst you are away from the building, or the system can be used to assist with elderly or disabled relatives. The applications in commercial properties are far reaching and allow 24 hour security of your premises and employees. An IP door entry system can be easily plugged into your existing computer network.wireless video door entry systems
  • Video door entry systems provide very high levels of security as the operator can see who is wishing to be granted access.
  • Alarm triggers to mobile devices if there is a problem with the system or breach in security.
  • Most wireless video door entry systems have a large field range of operation.
  • Rechargeable battery operated units. These automatically recharge when placed in the docking station to ensure that the system never runs out of power.
  • A vast range of modern stylish designs and colours to choose from, meaning that your entry system can fit in seamlessly with the design of your home or business.
  • Wireless video door entry systems can be installed for any number of access points. All of these can be controlled from one central location for maximum control.
  • Possibility of being used in conjunction with pin code entry systems and other security systems such as fire alarms and lighting systems.
  • Excellent quality colour images are available at competitive prices.

Finding the right system to suit your needs

A number of factors should be taken into consideration when choosing a wireless video door entry system. Weighing up cost alongside how much money the system will save a business is one factor, as is the level of security required, if remote access is needed or importance placed upon the design and quality of materials.

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